"After fainting and suffering speech aphasia I learned that I had a baseball sized tumor in my brain. Surgery followed two days later, necessitating four months of intensive rehabilitation therapies. Thankfully, the tumor was benign, but my work with Cathy was just beginning. She took a holistic and natural approach to helping me get my body back in balance. There was nutrition, mineral supplementation, rebounding, liver-gallbladder cleansing, and TKM, or energy medicine. I owe my continued progress this past year to Cathy and her research/natural problem solving techniques."
Karen M. Nov 2011
"In March 2009 I was told by doctors at Mayo Clinic that I had a stage 4 cancer that there was no known treatment for. They placed me on a trial program of chemo. After 8 months, the tumors started growing again. After I refused more trials, they sent me home and told me to prepare to die soon. That's when I learned about Cathy Murphy & The King Method. After a few months of treatments, my tumors disappeared. I continued treatments for other health issues and today at age 79, I am on NO prescription medications of any kind and I feel great. Thank God for Cathy Murphy & the King Method."
Maurie Richardson, Freeport, IL Nov 2011
"I was referred to Cathy Murphy by a friend when I was diagnosed with recurrent Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. I was very weak and pale. Through her TMK treatments I was able to rebalance my energy fields, my circulation has improved, and my energy returned. My allergies have all gone away. I haven't felt this good for 20 years! I have committed myself to a very healthy lifestyle including healthy foods, exercise, reduced stress and detoxification processes. The Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma has stabilized and is now regressing."
Jay Franklin November 23, 2011